In 2017 as a junior in High School l began my love affair with Fashion & clothing. As a believer l wanted to create something bigger than myself, I began at a place where l was like God l want whatever you have on my life to come into full forwishen, and as a young seventeen-year-old identity was all over the place. But that season of my life lead me to a place where l realized that if l don't figure out who l am, l'm going to mess some stuff up. At the time l knew that the market didn't decide or determine whether my gifts or what l had to propose to the world was valid but it was what l had to say that determined that so with no retail, or business background experience l stepped out on faith not only to build a brand based on God's authority, but to inspire a generation to live to cultivate the culture of Heaven on Earth " on earth as it is in heaven right" but before l committed to this calling l told God "If the intention for this ministry you've put in my heart is not pure take it away from me, but if it's from you help me to steward it". Two years later, driven by the fact that what l wanted in the marketplace didn't exist, and with a burning conviction that what l wanted to pose to the world was valid. l began selling Christian T-Shirts out of the trunk of my car, my backpack, and making personal shipping deliveries. With one mission in mind, to create an authentic brand that stirs one's convictions towards God. In 2020, in the middle of a global pandemic F8TH INDUSTRY, was born not knowing how well it would perform it quickly became More Than a Label. It became a Lifestyle, and global movement for believers to stir up conversations. From the bottom of my heart, I want to thank everyone who has supported me, inspired me, and ultimately continued to help me advance the Kingdom of God. If you are wearing our shirt, you believe in this movement.

With Love,

Founder & CEO Aloni Ndihokubwayo


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