F8TH INDUSTRY is a independent fashion label, founded in 2020 in Texas by Aloni Ndihokubwayo. Born in Tanzania as a refugee with Christian influences, after arriving in Texas with little more than the shirt on his back. Aloni's interpretation of his expression is paying tribute to his unique heritage. Manufacturing garments into real solutions, the brand's distinct interpretation understands that luxury and obedience are inseparable value's in conversation with each other through silhouettes, garments, textiles and typography.


The brand is called F8TH INDUSTRY because Christianity was a big part of Aloni’s upbringing, and his faith continues to be one of his biggest inspirations today. The brand is a physical representation of many of Aloni’s mediation on fashion cultures, sports, and his heritage, manifesting through subtle silhouettes and minimal design. Perhaps ironically, Aloni recognizes that the name ‘F8TH INDUSTRY’ reference to both the strength of his faith today, and also his desire to build a fashion house rooted from his faith, Aloni's sure of one thing he simply wants to build a label that can be timeless in a sense that it can be here today and also here tomorrow.