Is to provide apparel for the Modern Believer to stir one's convictions towards God for the sole purpose of pioneering the gospel of Jesus Christ through the outward expression.


F8TH INDUSTRY is a Christian apparel brand centered on cultivating the culture of Heaven and sharing the mounting message of the faith that has been given to us by Christ Jesus. Each piece is thoughtfully crafted to be a bull horn in spreading this message, our society offers us so many options apart from our faith by grasping that you wear an opportunity to bridge this opposition, that by being authentic, and genuine in your faith. You create an infectious atmosphere for change. 


Our original logo symbolizes a cross because a cross is both vertical and horizontal, the vertical part represents us, and God and horizontal represents me and you sometimes when we tend to look up we forget about the people around us and when we focus too much on the people around us we forget to look up. The cross portrays a perfect balance of how we should live our life.

The "8" within F8TH Biblically represents resurrection and a new beginning, at the end of the day merch will stay merch but it's more than a brand but a perceptive, a global movement, and a label for believers to express their faith. Shifting a new movement one that stands at the forefront of our culture.


Scripture instructs us to not despise small beginnings, for the Lord rejoices to see the work begin(Zech.4:10). In 2017, I certainty encountered the meaning behind that verse when I received a call to bring the gospel to the marketplace by actively witnessing my faith through apparel. Before I set on this calling I decided to examine my faith and I quickly discovered that if I was going to commit to this call my faith needed to grow organically.

In the summer of 2019, as a high school graduate heading to College, I felt it was time for me to step out of the waiting room, and into the call, with no experience of the industry. I began designing t-shirts and making personal deliveries from the trunk of my car & backpack.

In March of 2020, the world encountered a horrifying global pandemic known as COVID-19 changing the entire trajectory of what was consider normal. At the time I decided that the world needed a message of hope and great faith to replace the fear, & depravity that captivated the hearts of many. On the 14th day of March F8TH INDUSTRY was birth amid a global pandemic, this act of authentic faith, became a testament to God's faithfulness. Today I'm currently improving the brand and growing consistently throughout the Dallas Metroplex area.


My Name is Aloni Ndihokubwayo I was born in Tanzania, Africa, and raised in Amarillo, Texas before my family moving to the United States my parents traveled from a refugee camp to another enduring the backlash of a civil war while being a minority group among an oppressed period. In 2006 my family was selected for a resettlement program to the United States.

At age 10, I was first exposed to business as l watched my dad manage real estate properties, and oversee motorcycle company international.

Continuing throughout my teen years, I fell off my entrepreneurial interests and decided to pursue competitive Basketball from middle school and through High School with dreams of playing in the NBA. Wasn't till the Summer of my Sophomore I went on what I call "Season of dating myself" that God reminded me my interest in entrepreneurship. At age of 18, I fully accepted this calling to become a vessel to carry out this vision in the marketplace.